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My claim for stories_a_z

Yes, of course I'm doing it *g* With the exception of one of my challenge comms (and I feel guilty about that) I do all my own challenges.

My claim if for Raffles/Bunny from Raffles The Amateur Cracksman - and this is the 'write from time to time' pairing I mentioned in the promoting post yesterday that has suddenly taken me over (yes, it is more than a wee bit obsessed as dear plutos_revenge kindly pointed out *g*).

I blame birggitt for the obsession (I did try to blame plutos_revenge for it, but really I had no grounds for that, as she 'reminded' me, I just felt like blaming someone *g*). However, I can blame  birggitt as she is the person who gave me a Raffles/Bunny prompt for my recent Alphabet meme, which just set my brain into a spin *Nods*

After writing  birggitt's story I reread the original stories and lo and behold all these ideas just kept coming at me hard and fast. Plus I was looking for, finding and reading stories and hunting down screen-caps, etc. etc. oh, and I rewatched the TV adaptation (staring Anthony Valentine as Raffles and Christopher Christopher Strauli) as well - which is not a bad approximation of the books, except they keep throwing women in when none existed in the books *g* Nonetheless the series really is very slashy.

Raffles is the creation of E. W. E. W. Hornung (Conan-Doyle's brother-in-law). The original stories are set in late Victorian England. Raffles (Arthur 'A.J.') is a gentleman about town who plays first class for Middlesex and England, but he is also a cracksman, it's how he makes his living. He and Bunny (Harry Manders) were at public school together some ten years before the books begin, in fact Bunny was Raffles's fag. They meet up again when Bunny goes to Raffles's rooms at the Albany, plays cards with two 'friends' of Raffles, loses money he doesn't have and returns to throw himself on Raffle's mercy, which is when he learns, after declaring to Raffles that if he names his crime he (Bunny) is his man, that his idol is a gentleman thief. Bunny begins his life by Raffles's side simply to get himself out of ruin, but soon follows Raffles into the life and they are pretty much inseparable.

Even given the era in which the books were written a time when it was perfectly acceptable for men of their class to walk around arm-in-arm and share rooms together (not that to begin with Raffles and Bunny did, although given Bunny seemed to spend more time at the Albany in Raffles's rooms than in his own flat, they might well have done) and use 'my dear' and other such affection terms, dine together regularly, visit the Turkish baths together regularly, etc. etc. without any thought of anything other than friendship, these books are quite something. They are told in the first person by Bunny and he waxes lyrical about how handsome and wonderful Raffles is, describing him in detail on more than one occasion, not to mention telling the reader on many occasions how much he loves him. And it is completely clear that Raffles adores his rabbit too and that they'd both do anything for the other - including dying for the other.

In many ways Raffles was one of my first 'fandoms' (long before I even knew there was such a thing) because when I read the books many, many years ago I saw slash (again long before I knew it existed) well as I said, it wasn't hard! And here I am quite a few years later about to embark on a challenge for the pairing.

I'm not quite sure what draw me to them after all when it comes down to it as dashing and handsome and gentlemanly as Raffles is, it cannot be denied he is a crook! He does steal - but he does have his own sense of morality. He doesn't steal from houses in which he's staying (he gets invited to all kinds of country house for his cricket and duly takes his Bunny with him) and he does limit his thefts to the really wealthy - which is not a justification, I know, but there you go.

I don't think this deep obsession will be a long lasting one, I think it will burn brightly for a time and then I'll return to writing the odd story here and there. But in the meantime with ten stories written, another four in progress (including a long one about their school days - something that seems to fascinate me, but no before you look horrified, this is gen, we don't have under-age sex between Raffles & Bunny, just a lot of very protective Raffles and maybe a kiss, but nothing more) and more than a dozen ideas, I think I'm going to just go with the flow and have fun with 'the naughty boys' for now. Oh, and I'm giving serious consideration to signing up to do a ship_manifesto essay for them (I even have a title *bangs head on laptop).

And of course now I need some more icons. I've made a few, but they aren't great (the one I'm using with this post isn't one I made). Ah, fun times ahead.

01. All Or Nothing 02.Bunny's First Kiss 03.Close Call 04.Don't Deny Me
05.Evermore With You. 06.For Him Whom I Love 07.Gaining Knowledge 08.Hard Habit To Break
09.It Happens 10.Just For The Summer? 11.Keeping Possession 12.Lost Innocence
13.Making A Choice 14. Name Your Crime 15.Obliging 16.Possession
17.Questioning Raffles 18.Rescued 19.Stories From School 20.Tired Of Waiting
21.Unexpected Courage 22.Verily I Love You 23.Watching Over You 24.XII Years To The Day
25.Your Man 26.Zealous Bunny

26/26 - Completed 21st December 2012
Tags: fandom: raffles, fanfic challenge: stories a-z, pairing (slash): raffles/bunny

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