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Character Meme

1. Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

cali_se gave me the letter 'A'.

A. J. Raffles
Gentleman about town; amateur cracksman; lives at the Albany; plays cricket for England; his closes friend and co-burglar is Harry 'Bunny' Manders. Raffles is the creation of E. W. Hornung (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brother-in-law) and the stories are set in the same time period as the Sherlock Holmes stories. Raffles is a fascinating character as he is the gentleman thief; he does have his morals though, he never steals from the houses he is staying in. Bunny was his fag at their public school and when they meet up later on, Raffles drags Bunny into a life of crime, initially to help save Bunny's good name.

I first read the Raffles books when I was 12/13 and 'saw' a relationship between Raffles & Bunny - as with the Holmes books given the period in which they are written a time when men of their class did walk around town arm-in-arm and 'my dear' was used on a regular basis, it's not hard not to see it.

There was a television series (which I may be currently rewatching) with Anthony Valentine (as Raffles) (Anthony Valentine also starred in Colditz with David McCallum) and Christopher Strauli (as Bunny). It's nice to watch and they make a wonderful A. J. Raffles and 'Bunny' Manders and for the most part they do stick quite closely to the stories. The exception being they keep throwing in women (where none existed or even changing the sex of a character from man to woman) to have Raffles become enchanted by. I wonder if that is because TPTB didn't 'dare' stick so closely to the books.

I dabble in the pairing a little but thanks to birggitt who asked for a Raffles/Bunny story, they seem to have taken over my brain at times and I'm currently mildly obsessed with good old A.J and his 'pet' rabbit.

Abigail Sciuto
NCIS's very own forensic scientist and goth. Highly intelligent, loves the team, hates pretty much anyone who comes in and 'interferes' with 'her' men, secure in many ways, insecure in others. I don't love Abby quite as much as I did when the show first started as it seems the writers are running out of things to do with her and so have her acting OOC at times and being annoying rather than quirky. But I do still love her and if I had a wish for her it would be that she and Tim McGee would stop messing around and get back together - as they hate it when either of them date someone else. She's clearly loved by all the members of the team and is Gibbs's favourite 'kid', she really is his surrogate daughter.

From Buffyverse. Angel is the vampire with the soul; the vampire who fell in love with the vampire slayer, who left his love for her own sake. Angelus is the monster he turns back into after he experiences a moment of true happiness with Buffy. Angelus really was an evil and cruel vampire. Angel wants to save the world and protect those about whom he cares. An interesting character in either guise.

Anthony DiNozzo
Another character from NCIS. He's not a favourite of mine and never has been. I like him a great deal, but I don't love him as so many people do, nor as I love the other characters. But NCIS wouldn't be the same without him. He's the class clown, the jock who knows and admits it, he does care deeply about all of the team - even if at times it doesn't seem that way and it'd take a lot to get him to admit it. But I have no doubt at all, he'd willingly die for each and every one of them.

Anyanka 'Anya Jenkins'
Originally human she was then turned into a vengeance demon for over a thousand years, before having to leave that side of her behind and learn how to become human again. Anya is straight talking and often makes people uncomfortable by being so blunt and speaking the truth. She eventually becomes a member of the Scoobie gang and falls in love with and is loved by Xander. At one point she again becomes a vengeance demon by ends up human doing the one thing she has always feared: dying - but she does it to save someone's life. Anya is a very interesting character, not easy to love in the way some of the others are, but she is great.
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