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Story Links - January

Herewith links to stories posted during January.

I had a single aim in January (apart from actually writing *g*) and that was to catch up with all the challenges I had missed for ncis_drabble, as well as keeping up to date with the current challenges.

I achieved this aim. Apart from the current challenge that only began two days ago, I have completely caught up.


TITLE: What He Has To Do (Gibbs)

SUMMARY: Set after Housekeeping. Gibbs is trying to get drunk, but he can't.

TITLE: Who Should It Be? (Jimmy)

SUMMARY: Jimmy has to decide who he will ask to be his best-man.

TITLE: Why Me? (Ducky & Jimmy)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Who Should It Be?. Ducky is delighted, but wants to make certain that Jimmy is sure he really wants him to be his best-man.

TITLE: Fourth Of July (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Tony persuades Ziva to go to a fourth of July celebration.

TITLE: Bored Now (DiNozzo & McGee)

SUMMARY: DiNozzo is bored so he decides to help McGee.

TITLE: By Way Of An Apology (DiNozzo & McGee)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Bored Now. McGee finally finishes the job Gibbs had given him.

TITLE: To Friendship (DiNozzo & McGee)

SUMMARY: A sequel to By Way Of An Apology. Slightly tipsy but far from drunk, McGee and DiNozzo have a heart-to-heart.

TITLE: My Hero (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Tony wants Ducky to do him a favor.

TITLE: Sometimes You Are Wrong (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: A sequel to My Hero. Ducky invites Gibbs to dinner.

TITLE: An Acceptable Cliché (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Sometimes You Are Wrong. Tony is trying to find a non-clichéd way of telling Ziva how he feels and asking her to marry him.

TITLE: Under Control (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: A sequel to An Acceptable Cliché. Tony has decided tonight is the night.

TITLE: His Weakness (Abby/McGee)

SUMMARY: Abby is Tim's weakness.

TITLE: A Night At The Opera (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Tim's agent gives him two complimentary tickets to attend an opera. Who can he ask to go with him?

TITLE: Lost Everything (Ray Cruz)

SUMMARY:  Set after A Desperate Man. Ray knows what he's lost and knows what the future holds for him.

TITLE: Abby's Blessing (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: A sequel to A Night At The Opera. Before he and Jimmy have their first 'real' date, Tim decides he needs to talk to Abby.

TITLE: Quiet Night In (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Abby's Blessing. Tim and Jimmy have a quiet night in.

TITLE: It Will Be Worth It (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Ziva is sick. Tony doesn't know what to do to help her, so he asks Ducky to visit her.

TITLE: Third Time Lucky? (DiNozzo/Ziva)

SUMMARY: Ziva is thinking back to the time she broke a mirror and the things that have happened to her since that day. Dare she take a chance on finally being happy?

TITLE: A Myth (Ducky)

SUMMARY: Ducky's stories do have endings.

TITLE: Posthumously (Gibbs)

SUMMARY: Set several years after A Myth. Gibbs finds Ducky's book.

TITLE: Opinion Sought (Gibbs & McGee)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Posthumously. Gibbs takes Ducky's book to the person best placed to give him an opinion on it.

TITLE: In Tim's Opinion (Gibbs & McGee)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Opinion Sought. McGee gives Gibbs his opinion of Ducky's book.

TITLE: All Sewn Up (Gibbs & DiNozzo)

SUMMARY: A sequel to In Tim's Opinion. Gibbs arranges the reading of Ducky's will.

TITLE: Telling Gibbs (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Set six months after A Quiet Night In. Tim decides it's time to tell Gibbs about him and Jimmy.

TITLE: Loyalty (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Fornell has a big favor to ask Gibbs.

TITLE: Until You Came Along (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Tim and Jimmy make plans to spend Christmas together and Jimmy confesses the one thing he's always wanted but never had.

TITLE: X Or Y (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Tim comes home to find Jimmy pondering over a decision.

PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky

TITLE: Summer Loving

SUMMARY: Summer isn't Ducky's favorite time of year.

TITLE: Too Far?

SUMMARY: Ducky is tired and pushes Gibbs - but has he gone too far?

TITLE: A Final Family Christmas

SUMMARY: Ducky wants to have a family Christmas.

NUMBER OF STORIES: 30 (This is only nine stories fewer than I wrote overall in 2011).

WORD COUNT FOR JANUARY: 15,000 (This is just about half the overall word count I managed in 2011).

STORY LENGTHS: All exactly 500 words.


With fiction and non-fiction I finished the month 284 words short of the 20,834 I should have written.

getyourwordsout CHALLENGE

Overall word count
Tags: character: ducky mallard, character: jethro gibbs, character: jimmy palmer, character: ray cruz, fandom: ncis, pairing (gen): dinozzo & mcgee, pairing (gen): ducky & jimmy, pairing (gen): gibbs & dinozzo, pairing (gen): gibbs & mcgee, pairing (het): abby/mcgee, pairing (het): dinozzo/ziva, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pairing (slash): mcgee/palmer

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