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A DiNozzo/Ziva mini series of four quintuple drabbles

Applies to all four:

AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David
RATING: G apart from the 4th one which is PG
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for a past challenge on ncis_drabble
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

TITLE: My Hero
SUMMARY: Tony wants Ducky to do him a favor.
CHARACTERS: Ducky & Tony

"Psst, Ducky."

Ducky flipped the lights on and stared across Autopsy to see Tony. "Anthony!" he exclaimed, ordering his pulse to slow down. "You made me jump. What on earth are you doing here in the dark?"

"Sorry, Ducky," Tony said; he really did sound apologetic. He hurried across to Ducky, "Here, let me help you."

Before Ducky could speak, he found himself manhandled out of his coat, his hat snatched from his head and his briefcase taken from his hand. "Well?" he demanded as Tony hung his hat and coat up and put his briefcase on his desk.

"Huh?" Tony glanced round.

Ducky sighed. Not for the first time he wondered quite how Jethro managed to work day in and day out with Tony without killing him. "I asked what you were doing here. Were you looking for Jethro? Because he -"

"No!" Tony said swiftly. "I am definitely not looking for Gibbs."

Ducky frowned and stared at Tony. "Are you feeling quite well, Anthony?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine, Ducky. It's just there's something I want to ask you and I - Is the Autopsy Grem- I mean Palmer due in?"

Ducky sighed, shook his head and headed towards the kettle. "Jimmy," he said pointedly, "is at Medical School today. Here," he held out the kettle towards Tony, "you may fill this for me. Then you can tell me what it is you wish to ask me."

"Right." Tony snatched the kettle and hurried out of Autopsy, returning a moment or two later. "Shall I plug it in?"

Ducky nodded. "Yes, thank you. And you may also switch it on." He smiled at Tony who, after a half-frown, smiled back before plugging the kettle in and turning it on. He then began to pace around Autopsy.

Ducky let him pace while he emptied his briefcase. Finally he turned around. "Well? Anthony, if you wish to ask me something, please ask me. I am quite busy today, especially with Jimmy not being here."

"IwantoaskZivatomarryme." Tony shot the words out as sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Then ask her," Ducky said placidly.

"I can't. I mean, I can. But it's Gibbs. I know he knows about us. At least I'm sure he does. He has to. He's Gibbs. He does know, doesn't he? Of course he does."

"Anthony, I still do not know quite what -"

"I want you to ask Gibbs if I can ask Ziva to marry me."

"Do you now?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah, please, Ducky. He won't shout at you or slap you or anything else. Please, Ducky."

Ducky stood in silence for a minute before sighing. "Oh, very well, Anthony," he said. "I will speak to Jethro. Although I do think -"

He was silenced as Tony grabbed him in a fierce hug, so fierce it almost pulled him off his feet. "Thanks, Ducky," he said, letting Ducky go. "You're my hero!"

"Oh, dear," Ducky said, as he watched Tony race out of Autopsy, "I really hope I am not."

TITLE: Sometimes You Are Wrong
SUMMARY: A sequel to My Hero.  Ducky invites Gibbs to dinner.
CHARACTERS: Gibbs & Ducky

"Gibbs, yeah?"

"Jethro. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"Is there some special reason?"

"Do I need a special reason to ask my closest friend to dinner?" Ducky was beginning to regret agreeing to assist Tony.

"Course not, Duck. Dinner'd be great. Eight o'clock?"

"That would be ideal." Ducky quickly hung up the phone. "Oh, dear," he said to the empty room. "What have I let myself in for?"

He bumped into Jethro a few times that day greeting him in what he knew was an over-hearty way, which caused Jethro to look completely baffled.

On the third occasion, Jethro gripped his arms and stared down at him. "Is anything wrong, Duck? You ill or something?"

"Oh, no, Jethro, I am perfectly fine, thank you. Just a little busy that is all." He beamed up at Jethro who shook his head and let Ducky go as his cell phone rang.

"Later," he growled, flipping open the phone and striding off. "Gibbs, yeah?"

"Saved by the bell," Ducky murmured, vowing not to leave Autopsy again that day.


"Hey, Duck," Jethro called, striding into the kitchen.

Ducky looked up from the chopping board. "Hello, Jethro," he smiled.

"Smells good. Anything I can do?"

"You could pour me a sherry and whatever you would like, if you don't mind," Ducky added. "Jethro!" he exclaimed as the knife was taken from his hand and forcefully put down on the table.

Jethro put a hand on each of Ducky's shoulders and moved extremely close. "What," Jethro said slowly, "the f- hell is going on, Ducky?"

Ducky sighed and looked away. "Oh, Jethro," he said. "Do forgive me; I am behaving like a fool." He looked up at Jethro whose gaze contained a mixture of the bafflement Ducky had seen earlier, the fond exasperation he always showed when Ducky rambled, as well as concern. "It is just that I have something to ask you, well tell you, no, ask you."


"I am sorry, my dear. You see Anthony came to see me earlier today and asked me to do him a favor."

"This is about DiNozzo?" Jethro sounded flummoxed.

"Yes, it is. Or rather it's about Anthony and Ziva."

"I need a drink." Jethro strode out of the kitchen, returning with a glass of sherry and a large whiskey. "Well?"

"Anthony wishes to ask Ziva to marry him and he asked me to," Ducky paused, "raise the matter with you, shall we say."


"Rule Twelve, I imagine."

Jethro was silent for a moment before he swallowed half his drink and said quietly, "Rule Fifty-One."

"I'm sorry?"

"Rule Fifty-One: 'Sometimes you are wrong'."

"Ah," Ducky said quietly. "Do I take it you have no objections, then?"

Jethro shrugged. "Guess not. Just tell DiNozzo, I don't want to be involved, okay?"

"Other than attending or giving dear Ziva away." Ducky fell silent as Jethro stared at him.

Finally Jethro sighed. "Guess so. Well," he added, "thought you'd asked me to dinner."

Ducky smiled.

TITLE: An Acceptable Cliché
SUMMARY: A sequel to Sometimes You Are Wrong. Tony is trying to find a non-clichéd way of telling Ziva how he feels and asking her to marry him.
CHARACTERS: Tim & Tony mainly with a small appearance by Gibbs

Tony sat at his desk, staring despondently at his computer flipping from one website to another. He'd been so happy when Ducky had told him that he had Gibbs's 'blessing' to ask Ziva to marry him, but now he wasn't so sure.

"What are you doing, Tony?"

Tony jumped. "Nothing!" In an attempt to stop McGee from seeing what he was doing, he spun around to block his computer screen. Unfortunately he sent his coffee flying; it hit the ground with a resounding 'squelch' and he watched as the brown liquid began to seep into the carpet.

Apart from moving out of the way, McGee ignored the flying coffee and instead leaned over Tony and stared at the website Tony had been looking at. "How to find a non-clichéd way to say 'I love you'," he read out.

Tony spun back around. "Did I tell you you could look at that, McNosey?"

McGee sat on the edge of Tony's desk. "No," he said placidly. "Did I tell you you could go through my desk drawers?"

Tony frowned, opened his mouth to say something clever and then closed it again. "I guess not," he said.

"Then we're even." McGee smiled at Tony who glared back. "So what's wrong with just saying 'I love you, Ziva?" he asked.

"How do you know it's Ziva I want to say it to?" Tony demanded; McGee just stared at him. "Okay, well let's say it is Ziva -"

"Which it is."

Tony ignored the comment. "You should know why, McAuthor."

McGee frowned. "Huh?"

Tony flipped to another website. "It says here one of the things you should avoid is the cliché. And 'I love you' is a cliché. See it says so here." Tony flipped to yet another website. He wasn't quite sure how he'd managed to have three different pages open at once, but he was impressed with himself. "So I'm trying to find something else to say."

McGee leaned over his shoulder again and began to read out some of the alternatives. "'I dote upon you'," he shuddered and looked aghast at Tony.

"I wasn't going to use that one."

"I'm glad to hear it."

McGee read another couple. "'I care about you. I have a soft spot for you'. Well I care about dogs and have a soft spot for puppies, but I wouldn't want to marry one. And how about 'I delight in you'. I swear if you say that to Ziva she'll have you committed."

Tony sighed. "I know," he said. "So what do I say?"

McGee shook his head. "I love you."

"Keep your declarations of love for DiNozzo for outside the office, McGee," Gibbs said, striding by with his ever-present coffee in his hand.

McGee jumped off Tony's desk. "Boss, I wasn't . . . I mean you don't think . . . I wouldn't . . . I'm not . . . Not that there's anything . . . I mean . . . Oh," he said, trailing off as Gibbs just stared at him. "You didn't really think that I was . . . Did you?"

Gibbs laughed.

TITLE: Under Control
SUMMARY: A sequel to An Acceptable Cliché. Tony has decided tonight is the night.
SPOILERS: 'A Desperate Man'

Tony looked around his apartment, checking everything was 'just so' but didn't look 'just so'. He'd made a huge effort, but part of the effort had been not to appear that he'd made an effort.

Tonight was the night he'd propose to Ziva. He'd planned it all out carefully; her favorite meal was warming in the oven, a bottle of her favorite red wine was open on the table, her favorite music played in the background; he'd cleaned and tidied - but not too much. He was ready; well almost. He had one more decision to make: candles or not.

He'd put a lot of thought into how he was going to propose to her, so much thought he'd thought of barely anything else. He'd ruled out the 'down on one knee' bit, having got the impression it wasn't just the fact Ray had done it in public that Ziva hadn't liked. He'd also pushed away the idea of dressing up and shedding a tear as he'd done with Wendy - Ziva hadn't seemed impressed when he'd told her about it.

He didn't need to impress Ziva; that was something he'd finally learned: when you love someone, really, truly love them, you don't need to impress them. You just need to be you, because 'you' is the person they love.

So he was going for simplicity, but a well planned, well controlled, well organized simplicity. Now if only he could decide about the candles.

The decision was taken out of his hands when suddenly his lights went off. Nothing else was affected; he just didn't have any lights. A panicked call to the building manager proved to be more puzzling than reassuring, as it turned out it was only his apartment that was affected.

He hurried around the place lighting candles, trying to create a romantic setting that didn't appear to be romantic.

When the doorbell rang, he wiped his hands on his trousers and hurried to answer it; he realized he still hadn't quite decided when he was going to propose. "Ziva! You look beautiful." And she did.

She smiled and kissed him, sliding her arms around his neck and letting her body brush against his. "Thank you, Tony." She looked around her. "Everything looks wonderful. I love the candles. You have gone to a lot of trouble."

"No!" Tony said swiftly. "I haven't. I mean I didn't mean to . . . I mean I - oh, hell, Ziva, I -" And suddenly he knew: it should be now. "Ziva." He pulled out a small box from his pocket. "Ziva David, will you marry me?" He held his breath.

To his surprise her eyes misted up a little. Then she smiled; a smile he'd never seen before. A smile that seemed to offer everything to him, a smile that was one of pure, unsullied, contented happiness. "Yes, Tony. Yes, Anthony DiNozzo, I would be honored to marry you."
He smiled back at her as he slipped the simple diamond and emerald ring onto her finger.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic: stories, pairing (het): dinozzo/ziva

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  • Happy times

  • Christmas Pretties Day 31

    Well here we are, the final day of 2020, I can't imagine there are many people who are sorry this year is over. I am ending my month of Christmas…

  • Christmas Pretties Day 30

    For the penultimate day of 2020, I am cheating a tad as I shard this picture last year. My defence is I love it so much, plus I have some new…