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  • Сб, 15:29: @ladysockalot Have received your reply.
  • Сб, 15:29: @ashleyillya Afternoon from me! Oh, good. Glad it went so well. Have a busy and good weekend.
  • Сб, 17:40: I don't know what LJ's up to now. Posts I've made appear on my LJ/comms if I go to them, but not all are showing up on my flist. I've done a
  • Сб, 17:41: cookie clear and relaunched LJ, but no they are not there *Prods LJ* So if some of my posts aren't showing my my flist, I wonder what else
  • Сб, 17:41: might not be showing?
  • Сб, 17:52: @yehwellwhatever Er, if it's any 'help' my 125k story's summary is 63 words long. My 45k one is 106 words.
  • Сб, 17:56: @yehwellwhatever Oh, indeed. You would have thought they would have, yes. *Eyes LJ*
  • Сб, 18:03: @yehwellwhatever Probably not *g* It maybe that I just write short summaries *g*
  • Сб, 18:03: @yehwellwhatever That is very true. I often get the feeling it's a left hand right hand thing with LJ.
  • Сб, 18:07: @yehwellwhatever long summary at all. I'd venture to guess (without checking) that I don't have any over 250 (and poss even 200).
  • Сб, 18:08: @yehwellwhatever True, but TBH I haven't found another one I like/that suits me as much as LJ does & most who go, return.
  • Сб, 18:12: @yehwellwhatever I have an account on DW, but I don't use it/cross-post. I don't really like DW, it doesn't give me what I want/work for me
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