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An update

As it seems that I still can't trust my email - we're still trying to think of possibilities as to why so much of what I send is getting lost - I thought I'd just do a quick 'I'm alive and well', here. I'm going to try and do this each day, even if it is just a few lines - it seems the safest way of ensuring that people know. I'll continue to try to send personal emails, but it's getting really irritating wondering whether they've arrived or not.

Hubby is now back safe and sound with a car load of stuff so we'll need to spend some time sorting it all out and finding a 'home' for it! It includes a different table on which to put the computers as the one we're using is not shall we say the most stable! And as I occasionally use it to help get to my feet, it's a tad precarious when it wobbles under me - and I'm not exactly heavy!!! We seem to be working on the reverse logic again: the more stuff we bring with us, the quicker we'll find our ideal home :-)

maubastThe package you sent me arrived safely - thank you. The card is lovely.

So if you do write to me personally and don't receive a reply from me within the time scale I usually reply, please drop me a quick line, either
personally or using a message on my LJ, as the chances are I will have replied and my reply hasn't arrived. Although, it just might be the case that I haven't received your mail [sigh]

May I also ask that if my messages come through with 'read receipts' that you please, please, please accept them - unless you're replying to me immediately - I'm getting so paranoid here.

Thank you.
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