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  • Вт, 14:46: Hello everyone. I hope you are well.
  • Вт, 14:46: Sadly the snow has almost vanished, but it's compacted into treacherous ice, our patio looks like a skating rink & poor Lacey slid down the
  • Вт, 14:47: ramp to the side of our backdoor today when she & J went out. She was fine, just looked a wee bit puzzled to get to the bottom so quickly.
  • Вт, 14:47: I'm still hoping for some kind of white Christmas, I'll happily take a nice covering of frost if I can't have a bit of snow.
  • Вт, 14:47: @murgy31 *Grabs Murgy and hugs* How are you?
  • Вт, 16:41: It is very annoying when someone asks you what they need to do to join a group, you email them back & they don't do anything, not even
  • Вт, 16:42: to acknowledge your email *Mutters darkly*
  • Вт, 16:58: My mother really does make extremely good mince pies.
  • Вт, 17:47: @acosmistmachine Glad to hear things are good with you. I hope things go well - good luck with the writing.
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