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  • Чт, 14:05: We have a huge funeral in the village today. Cars are parked not only in the pull ins, but up half on the bank on the opp side of the road
  • Чт, 14:05: as well. We don't know who it is, but we've guessing by the number and type of cars, it's a local farmer.
  • Чт, 14:06: @yehwellwhatever I was pondering the same thing, which given my pathetic output this year seems daft really.
  • Чт, 14:06: Dry, bright, sunny and warmer than it should be in December. I want my frost and even snow back, please.
  • Чт, 14:11: @yehwellwhatever I've only written just over 31k this year :-( I thought last yr was bad when I only write just over 186k. 300k+ is the
  • Чт, 14:11: @yehwellwhatever 'norm' for me - well it was *sighs*
  • Чт, 14:12: @yehwellwhatever It's far, far, far better than me. Now mine is an epic, epic failure. I'm not sure I do, TBH. I thought I did, but maybe I
  • Чт, 14:13: @yehwellwhatever need the extra challenge. I just don't know.
  • Чт, 14:14: @yehwellwhatever 31k is not a middle year, it's utterly awful and 100% fail. Last year was bad enough, but this . . . :-( I hope so, but
  • Чт, 14:14: @yehwellwhatever I'm not so sure.
  • Чт, 16:36: Dear LJ, please send me comments - thank you!
  • Чт, 16:38: It's the final-final of MasterChef tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. I am going to tip Ash to win.
  • Чт, 16:38: I just hope I haven't put a curse on him!
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