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  • Ср, 15:34: A belated good afternoon, all. How are things?]
  • Ср, 15:34: I really enjoyed NCIS this week, very much indeed.
  • Ср, 15:36: @LaniLou88 It is, thank you. I hope all is well with you too.
  • Ср, 15:36: And it's curtain pulling time - I really do love this time of year. Only just gone 3:30 and I can pull them. Is a very happy Nikki!
  • Ср, 15:39: I hare Yahoo. I really hate it! *Grumbles*
  • Ср, 16:17: I'm not sure what Lacey is chasing, but she's yipping away in her sleep *g*
Tags: journal: twitter

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