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Thirty Days NCIS Meme Mark 02. Day #29 - Favourite Vance episode or moment

Ah, the penultimate day :-( Where has November gone to?

I have such fun doing thirty days memes that I decided to create another  NCIS one. Please feel free to snaggle it should you wish to.

Day #01 - How did you discover NCIS?
Day #02 - Favourite season premier
Day #03 - Favourite Season 1 episode
Day #04 - Favourite Season 2 episode
Day #05 - Favourite Season 3 episode
Day #06 - Favourite Season 4 episode
Day #07 - Favourite Season 5 episode
Day #08 - Favourite Season 6 episode
Day #09 - Favourite Season 7 episode
Day #10 - Favourite Season 8 episode
Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes
Day #12 - Favourite Director
Day #13 - Best supporting character
Day #14 - A character you like more now than when you first met him/her
Day #15 - Five favourite characters
Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see more of
Day #17 - Five characters you hope you'll never see again
Day #18 - Top five ships (romantic or friendship)
Day #19 - Favourite song/piece of music
Day #20 - Favourite Gibbs episode or moment
Day #21 - Favourite Ducky episode or moment
Day #22 - Favourite Abby episode or moment
Day #23 - Favourite Ziva episode or moment
Day #24 - Favourite McGee episode or moment
Day #25 - Favourite DiNozzo episode or moment
Day #26 - Favourite Kate episode or moment
Day #27 - Favourite Jenny episode or moment
Day #28 - Favourite Palmer episode or moment
Day #29 - Favourite Vance episode or moment
Day #30 - If you could be granted three NCIS wishes what would they be?

Day #29 - Favourite Vance episode or moment

I did not like Vance when we first met him and when he first became the director, it took me quite some time to warm up to him. Even though I didn't like him, I did always enjoy his interaction with Gibbs, it brought something different to the show. Now I do like Vance and think he's a good director.

The two major Vance episodes were ones I wasn't looking forward to, but ended up enjoying a lot more than I expected, so I could go for either.

However, I'm going to go for the Season 6 episode 'Knockout' partly because given the way it was centred around boxing and I hate boxing, I just don't get the appeal at all, I would have expected it to leave me cold, but it didn't.

I enjoyed the episode. The case was really neither here nor there, it was just a vehicle to lead us to the whole 'just who is Vance' and to see another side of Vance. The passionate caring family man and friend. But also to see how he did 'dump' his old friends, once he'd moved onwards and upwards. Which isn't that unheard of. It also confirmed a few things (namely that Tony had been deeply in love with Jeanne, which we knew). And it promised a lot more - okay, so it failed to deliver in the end, but at the time the promise was there.

Not the best episode, certainly not in my top ten or even top twenty-five. But overall, it gets my vote as the best Vance episode.
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