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Thirty Days NCIS Meme Mark 02. Day #26 - Favourite Kate episode or moment

I have such fun doing thirty days memes that I decided to create another  NCIS one. Please feel free to snaggle it should you wish to.

Day #01 - How did you discover NCIS?
Day #02 - Favourite season premier
Day #03 - Favourite Season 1 episode
Day #04 - Favourite Season 2 episode
Day #05 - Favourite Season 3 episode
Day #06 - Favourite Season 4 episode
Day #07 - Favourite Season 5 episode
Day #08 - Favourite Season 6 episode
Day #09 - Favourite Season 7 episode
Day #10 - Favourite Season 8 episode
Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes
Day #12 - Favourite Director
Day #13 - Best supporting character
Day #14 - A character you like more now than when you first met him/her
Day #15 - Five favourite characters
Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see more of
Day #17 - Five characters you hope you'll never see again
Day #18 - Top five ships (romantic or friendship)
Day #19 - Favourite song/piece of music
Day #20 - Favourite Gibbs episode or moment
Day #21 - Favourite Ducky episode or moment
Day #22 - Favourite Abby episode or moment
Day #23 - Favourite Ziva episode or moment
Day #24 - Favourite McGee episode or moment
Day #25 - Favourite DiNozzo episode or moment
Day #26 - Favourite Kate episode or moment
Day #27 - Favourite Jenny episode or moment
Day #28 - Favourite Palmer episode or moment
Day #29 - Favourite Vance episode or moment
Day #30 - If you could be granted three NCIS wishes what would they be?

Day #26 - Favourite Kate episode or moment

I miss Kate and I miss Seasons 1 & 2 *sighs dramatically* I hadn't realised quite how much I missed Kate and the first two seasons until this last week as J and I have started watching from the beginning again. The show is totally different, it really is. Seeing it again though has reminded me just why I feel so hard and fast for it. Why did it have to change so dramatically?

Anyway enough of that. I'm going to go for the Season 1 episode 'Left For Dead'.

One of the many things I miss about Kate (and actually hadn't realised until this rewatch) is her deep compassion and her female way of looking at things. I like how much she cared, I liked how involved she got, I liked her what was almost at times naivety and I really liked how she was a female. I love Ziva, but she's a different person, a different female than Kate - and I don't mean that in just the obvious way *g*.

Kate connected with Jane Doe and she paid the price for connecting - but would she do it again? Yes she would. And that's what made her Kate. She was great all the way though and I felt for her at the end when she was sitting with the blanket around her facing her mistake. The case was a good one and the horror of being buried alive would have stayed with Suzanne for the rest of her life, had she not chosen to do what she did.

And as well as it being a strong Kate episode, it was also a lovely team episode, people didn't lose out.
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