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I suppose it had to happen

Some of you who know my dislike for death stories might, therefore, be surprised to hear that I do write them. And as long as they conform to my idea of the 'right kind of death story', I will even read them. This means that it is not a story in which the surviving partner just gets on with his life, finds a new lover and is happy. Okay, so that is more realistic maybe, but . . . .

I normally write at least one death fic per fandom in which I write. Just to clarify, when I talk about death fic, I mean the death of one (or both) of my pairing, not the death of just anyone in the story.

So far this inclination had led to:

- One in Starsky & Hutch
- Three in Pros
- Two plot bunnies in MFU
- One plot bunny in DS

However, I had never had even the glimmer of an idea for a Gibbs/Ducky death fic.

Until . . . .

Guess what plot bunny comes scampering up in the middle of the night for some lettuce and carrots?

Yes, a damn death story one.

And of course knowing my plot bunnies, as I do, it won't go away again, until it's actually written. And it's not even as if I can use it for the 'death' prompt for fanfic100, as I'd already used that one up.

Now personally I blame aingeal8c ::waves to Aingeal::. Yesterday we were discussing my recent tendency to write fairly angsty stories, and I was giving her a brief outline of some of my most recent Gibbs/Ducky plots. Aingeal asked me if they ever got a happy ending, to which I replied, 'Of course. I personally don't see the point in putting them through hell and not giving them a happy ending'. This is purely my style, it's not right or wrong, it's what I do. Then we got onto death stories, and I was telling her this 'inclination' I had, and added that I'd no desire to write a G/D one, and didn't think I ever would.


That will teach me!!!

So be warned, my dear fellow Gibbs/Ducky fans, Nikki will be inflicting sharing a death story with you at some stage. However, rest assured a warning will be posted.
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