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Thirty Days NCIS Meme Mark 02. Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes

I have such fun doing thirty days memes that I decided to create another  NCIS one. Please feel free to snaggle it should you wish to.

Day #01 - How did you discover NCIS?
Day #02 - Favourite season premier
Day #03 - Favourite Season 1 episode
Day #04 - Favourite Season 2 episode
Day #05 - Favourite Season 3 episode
Day #06 - Favourite Season 4 episode
Day #07 - Favourite Season 5 episode
Day #08 - Favourite Season 6 episode
Day #09 - Favourite Season 7 episode
Day #10 - Favourite Season 8 episode
Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes
Day #12 - Favourite Director
Day #13 - Best supporting character
Day #14 - A character you like more now than when you first met him/her
Day #15 - Five favourite characters
Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see more of
Day #17 - Five characters you hope you'll never see again
Day #18 - Top five ships (romantic or friendship)
Day #19 - Favourite song/piece of music
Day #20 - Favourite Gibbs episode or moment
Day #21 - Favourite Ducky episode or moment
Day #22 - Favourite Abby episode or moment
Day #23 - Favourite Ziva episode or moment
Day #24 - Favourite McGee episode or moment
Day #25 - Favourite DiNozzo episode or moment
Day #26 - Favourite Kate episode or moment
Day #27 - Favourite Jenny episode or moment
Day #28 - Favourite Palmer episode or moment
Day #29 - Favourite Vance episode or moment
Day #30 - If you could be granted three NCIS wishes what would they be?

Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes

What idiot decided it was possible to choose a mere five 'desert island' episodes? Ah, wait, that would have been me *wry grin* Five, I ask you, what on earth was I thinking?

Actually for me four are easy, it's the fifth. How do I choose one out of so many that I love and are so close in my love? I really should have gone for ten - ah, well, tis too late now.

So the five episodes I want with me if I am stranded on a desert island. The five episodes I am content and happy to watch over and over again. The five that for me are the best story-lines, the best character interaction, are well balanced, touch me, make me care, really make me feel involved, include more Ducky than most episodes and have excellent G/D scenes and are just my overall favourites.

As I said, four are easy, but the fifth is so close between: 'Recruited', 'Chimera', 'Silent Night', 'Bête Noire', 'Enigma' and 'Yankee White' (all of which I love). Yes, I know, I know, I've named my top ten episodes (not in order though, hence my dilemma) but I still have to pick one from six to make five *g* Actually, after much thought it's one from three: 'Recruited', 'Chimera' and 'Silent Night'.

*Ponders some more*

Okay here goes:

- Lt. Jane Doe
- The Meat Puzzle
- Smoked
- Call Of Silence
- Chimera

In the end I went with Chimera as my final choice because this is the 'desert island' choice, the only five episodes I'll have to watch over and over again. And whilst I love 'Recruited' and 'Silent Night', 'Chimera' is somewhat lighter and more fun and doesn't have the level of angst and pain other episodes have.
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