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Fanfic Meme

Snaffled from m_lasha, as it looked intriguing.

Ten ways of knowing that I wrote this fic:

I think 'knowing' might be too strong a word, after all none of these things are exclusive to my fiction (are they?) So maybe it should be 'having a reasonable idea'.

1. It will be slash.

2. It will have a happy ending.

3. It will contain romance, not the soppy, slushy stuff, but love will be present.

4. 'I love you', will be said.

5. The pair will show one another that they care for and love each other.

6. There will be little detailed sex, certainly these days.

7. The lovemaking will not be kinky or heavy.

8. There will be kissing, even if there is no sex.

9. It's more likely to be an established relationship rather than first time story.

10. It won't be a WIP.
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