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Fiction - NCIS Links

Herewith some links to my latest NCIS stories:

All stories are slash and the pairing in all of them is Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard.

TITLE: Eclipsed By Courage

SUMMARY: Gibbs is waiting for Ducky to come home from performing a late autopsy, when he gets a call from Tom Morrow. Ari has kidnapped Ducky.

WRITTEN FOR: The ncis_flashfic 'What If' Challenge. The 'What Ifs' are: Tom Morrow never left NCIS; Jenn Shepard never became Director; Ziva David never came to Washington; Ari wasn't killed at the beginning of Season 3; Gibbs and Ducky live together.


TITLE: The Definitive Christmas Gift

SUMMARY: Last minute Christmas shopping doesn't go quite the way that Gibbs and Ducky had planned. The results leave Gibbs with the task of finding a way to make this Christmas extra special for Ducky.

WRITTEN FOR: The rare_pair 'Christmas' Challenge.


TITLE: Trust

SUMMARY: Set post Bête Noire. Ducky goes to Gibbs home to find his old friend and lover ruing his failure to kill Ari.

WRITTEN FOR: The ncis_gibbsducky 'Choose three words from ten and include them in your story', challenge.


TITLE: Is Love Enough?

SUMMARY: Ducky tells Jethro he can not longer be his lover.

WRITTEN FOR: The rare_pair 'The Other Woman' challenge.


TITLE: The Ultimate Proof Of Love

SUMMARY: Gibbs provides the ultimate proof of his love for Ducky.

WRITTEN FOR: The fanfic100, 'Water' prompt.


TITLE: Because I Love You

SUMMARY: Gibbs reassesses his life and priorities.

WRITTEN FOR: The ncis_flashfic 'Influence' challenge.


TITLE: Persuasion

SUMMARY: A little sequel to toomuchfandom's tongue-in-cheek, fun 'Mary Sue' story Fanfic Central. She very kindly gave me permission to use her 'universe' for this story, which was written for her.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic: stories

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