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Thirty Days Professionals Meme. Day #20 - Best villain

First seen on probodie's journal and on several Pros fans since then. All the ones I've seen have been done in one day, but I'm going to make it a thirty day meme instead.

Day #01. How did you discover The Professionals?
Day #02. Favourite character
Day #03. Least favourite character
Day #04. Favourite episode
Day #05. Least favourite episode
Day #06. Best Cowley moment
Day #07. Best Bodie moment
Day #08. Best Doyle moment
Day #09. Best female guest star
Day #10. Favourite moment episode from S1
Day #11. Favourite moment episode from S2
Day #12. Favourite moment episode from S3
Day #13. Favourite moment episode from S4
Day #14. Favourite moment episode from S5
Day #15. A scene that makes you laugh
Day #16. A scene that makes you cry
Day #17. A scene you rewind to watch over again and again
Day #18. Favourite quote
Day #19. Favourite supporting character
Day #20. Best villain
Day #21. Favourite pairing
Day #22. Favourite moment with your pairing
Day #23. Favourite weapon
Day #24. Best 'move' in a fight
Day #25. Favourite outfit
Day #26. Whose shoes would you like to step into (on the show)?
Day #27. If you could meet any ONE actor, who would it be?
Day #28. What is your favourite fan fiction story? (link if possible)
Day #29. Who is your favourite fan fiction author? (link if possible)
Day #30. What is the best alternate universe? (link if possible)

Day #20. Best villain

Would you believe the trouble I've had with this question? Not choosing one (well that too) but deciding on what 'best' actually meant. You see I instantly thought of 'best' as in 'favourite'. But then I mentioned it to plutos_revenge who instantly came up with 'the most villainous-villain' and both of us thought the other's interpretation was out in the left field. So I asked J how he would interpret 'best' and told him of the two choices. Did he choose one? No, of course he didn't, that would be far too simple. He would have gone for the villain with the most character, i.e. the crime doesn't matter so much as whether or not the person had character.

Yes, it is quite possible I have over-thought this *g*

So I honestly don't know, because I can buy into all three interpretations and would probably come up with a different answer for each one. So in the end (after considering getting pup to choose *g*) I decided to go with my gut instinct and the way I'd interpreted it first - after all there is no right or wrong, is there? It's only a darn meme, not a matter of national importance.

My choice then for 'best' villain is:

Tommy from 'Klansman'.

Why I hear you ask. Well, okay, he wasn't a major villain, he was involved in petty theft and other relatively minor things. However, from tiny acorns big oak trees go and he was really set up to turn to a life of crime, you could say he would have fallen into it without really believing he had any choice and ten, twelve years down the line the petty theft could easily have turned into something major, the bit of roughing up into brutality or even murder. I'm not saying it would, but it could have.

But in effect Tommy chose a different path. He chose to help Doyle when Doyle was beaten and battered and quite possibly could have died from the beating, had Tommy just walked away. He chose to help a white man and not just help in bringing him water (and whisky) but to stay with him, stand by him, not walk off and leave him when things go tough and even to let Cowley know he wasn't walking away. He'd committed himself to Doyle and I can see that commitment turning into something life-long and who knows, in ten, twelve years time rather than being in prison or a major criminal, Tommy could be in CI5.

So yes, not a great villain as in the crimes he committed, but for me the best because he took the chance he had to do things right and to change his life. Plus, he was also a good character.
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