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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
Thirty Days Professionals Meme. Day #18 - Favourite quote
First seen on probodie's journal and on several Pros fans since then. All the ones I've seen have been done in one day, but I'm going to make it a thirty day meme instead.

Day #01. How did you discover The Professionals?
Day #02. Favourite character
Day #03. Least favourite character
Day #04. Favourite episode
Day #05. Least favourite episode
Day #06. Best Cowley moment
Day #07. Best Bodie moment
Day #08. Best Doyle moment
Day #09. Best female guest star
Day #10. Favourite moment episode from S1
Day #11. Favourite moment episode from S2
Day #12. Favourite moment episode from S3
Day #13. Favourite moment episode from S4
Day #14. Favourite moment episode from S5
Day #15. A scene that makes you laugh
Day #16. A scene that makes you cry
Day #17. A scene you rewind to watch over again and again
Day #18. Favourite quote
Day #19. Favourite supporting character
Day #20. Best villain
Day #21. Favourite pairing
Day #22. Favourite moment with your pairing
Day #23. Favourite weapon
Day #24. Best 'move' in a fight
Day #25. Favourite outfit
Day #26. Whose shoes would you like to step into (on the show)?
Day #27. If you could meet any ONE actor, who would it be?
Day #28. What is your favourite fan fiction story? (link if possible)
Day #29. Who is your favourite fan fiction author? (link if possible)
Day #30. What is the best alternate universe? (link if possible)

Day #18. Favourite quote

Again there are so many wonderful lines/quotes, so it's close to eenie, meenie, miney, moe time. I could wax lyrical for quite some time on quotes from Cowley as well as Bodie and Doyle, but I'm actually going to go with a very simple one.

It's from 'Hunter-Hunted' and is Doyle's: "You'll save me."

It really does sum everything up about them. Doyle has utter and total faith in Bodie; he knows whatever happens, whatever the danger, Bodie will be there for him and he will save him, no matter what the cost. It's all the more 'telling' as it a) comes after Bodie getting somewhat angry with Doyle and he's told Doyle he's as mad as the bloke out to get him and b) it silences Bodie. After all what can he say to the total faith Doyle has in him? Nothing; there really is nothing he can say.

Three words pretty much sum up the boys.

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mspinto64 From: mspinto64 Date: 18th October 2011 17:15 (UTC) (Link)
This is my favourite quote too because it sums up perfectly the faith and trust they have in each other.
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 19th October 2011 14:20 (UTC) (Link)
It's nice to know it's your favourite too.

Indeed it does.
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