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Well we're in for a busy couple of days next week. I've set up five viewings and am waiting to hear back on a sixth. We're going up to the Inverness area one day and then around the Stirling on another. I am also going to be looking at Dundee/Montrose. Hubby thinks I'll find it too cold and wild, but I want to see it for myself. After all, if it's okay in January, it should be at other times.

I keep having to look up our telephone number when the Estate Agents ask what it is, that or I'm about to reel off the one we've had for about sixteen years! I suspect that will stay in my mind for sometime.

In-between that and wondering whether my emails are actually getting to folk, I'm having a NCIS 'orgy'. I've watched half a dozen episodes in the last couple of days, including the one where Abby 'creates' a picture of 'Illya' :-)

solovisited me yesterday, which was lovely. Mind you it's a wonder she found her way here and I wasn't much help! Well I did say that I'm hopeless at map reading. Having asked whether she turned left or right into our drive, I told her 'left' and it was actually right. My argument is that she was coming from the opposite direction to the one I thought she was coming. Plus, we both had to admit that the map showed me being in a different place to where I actually am. I just hope she got home safely.
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