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Thirty Days Professionals Meme. Day #14 - Favourite episode from Season 5

First seen on probodie's journal and on several Pros fans since then. All the ones I've seen have been done in one day, but I'm going to make it a thirty day meme instead.

Day #01. How did you discover The Professionals?
Day #02. Favourite character
Day #03. Least favourite character
Day #04. Favourite episode
Day #05. Least favourite episode
Day #06. Best Cowley moment
Day #07. Best Bodie moment
Day #08. Best Doyle moment
Day #09. Best female guest star
Day #10. Favourite moment episode from S1
Day #11. Favourite moment episode from S2
Day #12. Favourite moment episode from S3
Day #13. Favourite moment episode from S4
Day #14. Favourite moment episode from S5
Day #15. A scene that makes you laugh
Day #16. A scene that makes you cry
Day #17. A scene you rewind to watch over again and again
Day #18. Favourite quote
Day #19. Favourite supporting character
Day #20. Best villain
Day #21. Favourite pairing
Day #22. Favourite moment with your pairing
Day #23. Favourite weapon
Day #24. Best 'move' in a fight
Day #25. Favourite outfit
Day #26. Whose shoes would you like to step into (on the show)?
Day #27. If you could meet any ONE actor, who would it be?
Day #28. What is your favourite fan fiction story? (link if possible)
Day #29. Who is your favourite fan fiction author? (link if possible)
Day #30. What is the best alternate universe? (link if possible)

Day #14. Favourite moment episode from S5

This is not a totally easy choice. But it was easier than some. My favourite S5 episode is:

'The Ojuka Situation'.

One of the things my choice of favourite episode from each series has in common with one another is a good and gripping story-line.

The Ojuka Situation' is not an exception. It does have a strong story-line that is compelling and there are moments when even though I know what's going to happen I can still be 'oh, look out', type of thing.

Another thing my choices have had in common are special moments for the boys. Again this episode has several of them.

The shoot-out on the stairs and the look that is exchanged, plus Doyle's soft but meaningful 'one down, eight to go; Bodie disobeying Cowley's order and rescuing Doyle, the 'priapismic monster' comment, 'angelfish' an the hair ruffle, the looks, closeness to name but a few. And then we have this little exchange at the end:

COWLEY: You disobeyed an order, Bodie.  I told you to stay put.

BODIE: Couldn't let them get away with it.  How d'you think you'd feel if you let them get him?

COWLEY: My concern for Ojuka has nothing to do with insubordination--

BODIE: I wasn't talking about Ojuka, sir.

Nothing else is said, but Cowley knows about whom Bodie is talking and Bodie knows that Cowley knows and Cowley knows Bodie would disobey any order given in similar circumstances. Bodie is loyal to Doyle first and foremost, then to Cowley, then to CI5 - but when push comes to shove it's Doyle who matters above everyone else. It's quite sobering really.

A very good episode indeed, worthy of my favourite.
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