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Fannish Auction for Living Expenses

Please note this is NOT me, I am forwarding it on behalf of the person concerned (Bast, whom I'm sure some of you know) who is a good friend of mine.

In order to continue to live indoors and keep my electricity on, I've come to the painful conclusion that I will have to sell my collection of original fannish artwork as well as some other items. I do not want to put these on eBay, so I'm going to do the auction myself.

I have listed original artwork (lots of "Sentinel" original art) (some could be considered gen, most is slash, most has nudity! Do not view if you may be offended!), a pair of hairsticks, art prints from lots of fandoms (Man from UNCLE, etc), lots of Star Trek magazines,  a couple of SGA magazines, an SG1 magazine, and the offer for a story/stories to be written for you exclusively.

I'll update the bids several times per day.

Only bid what you're willing to pay. If you give me a $20 bid, that's what I'll put on the item. This is NOT LIKE eBay. I cannot 'hold' your bids for you.

Bidding ends Sunday August 28th at 9 pm East Coast Time.

Payment is due upon invoice unless arrangements have been made in ADVANCE. Thank you.

Paypal preferred, but checks are okay, too.

Please pass this on to ANY interested fannish venues/folks, with much appreciation from me.

Thanks for looking!

(Questions to Bast at

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