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A, B, C of Visited Pages Meme

Snaffled from juleself, because it looked fun and a little different.

Work your way through the alphabet typing one letter at a time into the address bar of your browser, and then auto-complete the first link suggested.

NB Doesn't work if you're the kind of person who clears out their cache/recent sites visited on a regular basis.

A: One of my favourite e-card sites.
B: I keep trying to get my LJ Friends Meme, which I can't get to work, no matter for how long I leave it running.
C: Another card site when I was hunting for some different ones.
D: Nothing.
E: Nothing.
F: A super place to get photos to make LJ icons and/or wallpapers. All free to use, just credit the site in Comments.
G: Glitteries for making LJ messages
H: Index for the ds_seekritsanta stories.
I: When I was looking for images for New Year icons.
J: Nothing.
K: Nothing.
L: I was looking for some warm gloves.
M: A colour icon meme I never got around to doing.
N: A link to a 100 Things we didn't know a year ago that maubast posted.
O: Nothing.
P: When I was uploading images for posting to LJ.
Q: Another meme I did, but didn't post.
R: Nothing.
S: A link to queenbamfie's Pros Christmas story.
T: Nothing.
U: Nothing.
V: Nothing.
W: Nothing.
X: Nothing.
Y: Nothing.
Z: Nothing.

Tags: !memes/quizes, technology : computers

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