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Yuletide Stories - not mine this time

The reveal has been done on the anonymous fiction exchanges:

DS (although here you have to click on each story to see the names).

Also the vast majority of the NCIS stories have been posted.

The story I received from k1mono (NCIS) was particularly and wonderfully tailored to my 'wants'. I really couldn't have asked for a better story: established relationship, love, affection, caring, Christmas, and everything else I asked for. And the story I received from przed (MFU) was also very well tailored.


I know I thanked you at the time, but I'm doing so again because they brought me such pleasure (each time I read them).

I thoroughly recommend both stories:

NCIS: Twelve Ways To Say I Love You
MFU: Christmas Tales

I also enjoyed my Due South story, even though it wasn't tailored to my 'wants'. However, this particular Fiction Exchange doesn't ask the recipient what they'd like in their story (or at least the recipient can give some idea of her/his 'wants', but the writer doesn't have to pay attention to it). I've just discovered that this was exeterlinden's first attempts at writing Ray Vecchio, and it was done very well. Thank you.

My Pros story, as people have probably seen and/or guessed, wasn't actually written for me. Unfortunately for various reasons the person writing my story was unable to complete it on time, thus a pinch hitter had to be assigned. It's fair to say that the story, although well written and liked by a number of people, is not at all to my personal tastes; so just in case anyone is wondering what come over Nikki not requesting romance or love, that's why. Being a pinch hitter is obviously a difficult thing to do, having to produce another story at the last moment can never be easy. So thank you brenk for stepping in.

I'd also like to thank maubast for providing her usual excellent editing service for three of the stories I wrote. Also to k1mono for stepping in with an extremely tight turn-around with the NCIS story. Thank you both, I really appreciated the help and encouragement you both gave me.

Also to doylebaby for doing some detective work on one story, and for giving me an idea for one part of another story.

And last, but by no means least, my thanks to caffyolay, maubast and londonronnie for their supportive comments and general 'bucking me upness', when I discovered that the person for whom I'd written an Established Relationship story, actually preferred First Time ones.

Actually, another last :-) To all the Exchange Fiction Organisers for doing a great job throughout the whole thing. I know that it was hard work and at times fraught for some of you.

End of soppiness :-)
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