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Baptism by fire

Well despite the worst winds I've known since the gales of '87, and a mostly sleepness night during which I wondered just what I'd wake up to, all seems to be fine. I have power, water and heating and apart from a couple of minor puddles on two window ledges the cottage seems to have survived as well. There doesn't appear to be any trees down in the immediate vicinity and the road at the bottom of our drive that was flooded after the rains on Friday, looks clear.

What a time to move! However, I guess that if we can survive this, we can survive just about anything!

I've just received several property details and am about to get the maps/auto route out and try and find out where they are in relation to some others we want to see and start making some appointments. This in itself should be fun, as map reading is most definitely not one of my skills - hubby says he still doesn't know how I passed my Geography 'O' Level! Oh, well it should be interesting.

Current Read: Murder At The Vicarage - Agatha Christie
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