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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
Wimbledon Days 06 & 07
Yesterday saw the biggest upset on the men's side as #05 seed Robin Soderling crashed out in straight sets to unseeded Bernard Tomic. Soderling was far from at his best and indeed was unwell and called the doctor onto court as he was feeling dizzy and shaky. I was surprised to see him play on, but play on he did, although to no avail. So that opens things up fairly nicely for Djokovic as he was due to meet Soderling in the quarters.

Djokovic himself had a tight match against Marcos Baghdatis who is always a tough competitor and Djokovic was not at his best - not the man who had the amazing winning streak to begin the year, but no one can keep that standard of play up all the time. And at the end of the day it's the win that will matter to him, as he said himself he didn't mind winning in an ugly way. He came through in four sets and will face a fairly substantial fine for smashing his racquet at the end of a brilliant rally when he put the easiest shot long.

Federer, as I predicted, came through in straight sets - and won even more easily than I thought. He really is in great form this year and he says himself he's playing better than he did last year.

Rafa, resuming his match that was stopped due to rain, also came through. As with the first set the second went to a tie-break as Muller continued to serve out of this world, not allowing Rafa to get a read on his serve by mixing it up so much and simply playing exceptional tennis. Rafa did what all great champions do in this situation, the only thing they can do, concentrate on holding his own serve thus taking it to a tie-break where it's a lottery and one single bad point can seal the set. And that's what happened. After that Muller seemed a broken man, down and out and when Rafa had a break point for the first time in the match in the opening game of the third set and took it, it did seem to be all over. What seemed like mere minutes later, Rafa took the final set 6:0. It wasn't a great match, in fact I was bored during set two - something I never thought I'd be in a Rafa match - but at the end of the day, he won through.

On the ladies side, Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova all came through comfortably whilst Ana Ivanovic and Francesca Schiavone (both of whom had been playing so well, especially Ana and both of whom I like) went out.

There's no play today, Wimbledon's tradition is no play on the 'middle' Sunday, unless the weather has been so awful they have to.

Tomorrow, however, brings an incredibly busy day with all singles matches being played. There are some very good match-ups and potentially some excellent matches. I do have some fears for Rafa tomorrow as he is up against former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro, that could be a very tight match and could see an upset. Murray is up against Richard Gasquet, that match up produced a truly epic match a few years ago - so could again.

Again I think neither Federer nor Djokovic will have any major problems with their opponents. However, they are through to the fourth round, anything could happen - I don't think it will though.

The other four men's matches could all be fairly tight.

The ladies matches don't really offer that much in terms of potential upset or closeness - the exception being perhaps Serena Williams vs. Marion Bartoli. Serena, despite a convincing win yesterday, is not playing as we know she can and Marion is capable of an upset - assuming she is fully over her illness. It looks as if some bug/virus is sweeping through the players.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, but it isn't without some trepidation too. Here's hoping the play lives up to expectations, the weather co-operates and the results are what I hope for *g*

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plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 26th June 2011 13:39 (UTC) (Link)
Much as I generally dislike him, I was rather hoping Sod wld give Nole some problems in the QF so I was rooting for him a litte. Don't see anyone other than his own tendancy to implode stopping Nole getting to the SF now *sulks*.

I think Wim is a month too early still for DelPo. If he stays fit then I'd definitely be worried about him at the USO but while he may nick a set I don't think he'll beat Rafa tomorrow. Wouldn't be surprised to see Murray/Gasquet go to 5 but I think Muzza will come through. Fed & Nole I would assume will come through but, as you say, it is the 4th round and who knows! JWT & DF I'm predicting will be 5 sets *g*

As for the ladies I think Venus is more at risk of an upset from Pironkova than Serena is from Bartoli. I notice both sisters are on the show courts - not yet heard world no1 Wozzy complain she's on C2... Serena I can see being peeved she was on C2 but while Venus may be a former champion she is currently seeded 23 and why the hell shouldn't she play on the 'lesser' courts?

You want good matches, good weather & good results? Demanding bugger aren't you! *g*
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 26th June 2011 14:05 (UTC) (Link)
*Grins* I too was hoping for a show-down between Sod & Nole and of course once I knew he was ill, I felt sorry for him *wry grin* Fed vs. Nole semi, no problems.

You're probably right re: DelPo, especially as although he has won his last couple of rounds easily enough, both times his opponent has been up in the set that had to be stopped for rain. But if there was an upset, this has the most potential, methinks. Fourth round indeed, it can be a day of upsets. Oh, yes, I too predict JWT & DF will go the distance and it should be a good one.

That's interesting re: Venus. I confess if one of them has to go all the way, I'd rather it was Venus. I'm hoping Bartoli will show her terrier-like nature and upset Serena. Indeed they are, and I also noticed Serena still wasn't on Centre *g* Oddly enough I said the same thing to J only this a.m. re: Wozzy not complaining.

Yes, yes, yes. And I most certainly am *beams proudly*
plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 26th June 2011 14:20 (UTC) (Link)
Indeed, not a nice way to go out. Fair play to the kid for taking it but a healthy Sod I doubt would have gone out in that manner.

Oh I'd pick V over S any day but I just think whatshername may well take it. I hope Bartoli will play like she can, she did reach the final here a few years ago of course, but I think Serena's getting her groove on at the moment. It's weird that Venus, seeded 20 somthing, vs whatsit, seeded 30 something, are on centre while Serena & Wozzy are not but perhaps it is a dig at Serena and her bitching *g*. I'm cranky Fed's on 3rd on C1 b/c that may end up going into Tuesday if previous matches & the weather don't cooperate. Would they finish it on CC under the roof if the CC matches have finished?

*pets the demanding one*
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 26th June 2011 15:12 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, indeed. As we saw at the FO sometimes it's harder to beat an injured/sick opponent than a healthy one! Oh, quite.

I thought you would. Venus isn't at her best, so she may. Well indeed she was. I have to say I said to J this morning that I wondered if S was on C1 because of her comment, as really on paper the match should be a close one.

I guessed he'd be on C1 as he hasn't been yet and other three top men have. But given his match was before Nole's yesterday, I expected Nole to be on after Fed. I'm guessing that's why Rafa is 3rd on CC and Murzza 1st, because Muzza had two days off.

I don't think they'd finish it on CC, but *if* Nole's match and SW's match went on and on and on and CC matches were all over quickly, then they might move it to start on Centre.
plutos_revenge From: plutos_revenge Date: 26th June 2011 15:19 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sure she had this rant a couple of years ago too. Didn't Venus come out late for a match on C2/3 one year because she was waiting for someone to come & get her as they do for the show courts? Or at least that was the excuse she gave, I think everyone figured it was her way of protesting being out there.

Oh I've no objection to him being on C1 (or even C2 *g*) at all, just the timing annoys me *g*. I know someone's gotta go last but I just hope they all finish on Monday.

And may I say that Mother Murray calling Lopez 'Deliciano' is disturbing on so many levels *shudders*
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 26th June 2011 15:30 (UTC) (Link)
She did indeed rant about it before. And yes, that's quite correct about Venus too. Oh, it was indeed a protest.

*Grins* And I'm sure that none of the top four would complain about being on C2, TBH. I hope it will finish on Monday too.

*Grins* You may indeed - it is!
aries11 From: aries11 Date: 26th June 2011 16:23 (UTC) (Link)
I like that icon you have there! ;D Are those Rafa's eyes up close?

I thought I could remember there being Sunday matches in past years. Is the middle Sunday thing a recent rule?
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 26th June 2011 16:48 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you. Yes, they are.

No, they've never played the middle Sunday. Well apart from two occasions when the weather had been so appalling during the week that they were so behind, so they played on what is known as 'People's Sunday'.

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam not to play on this Sunday, all the others do.
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