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Wimbledon Days 04 & 05

As I predicted both Djokovic and Federer sailed through their second round matches.

Soderling, however, as I said, did have a much tougher time of it. He was down two sets to love against Hewitt, before finally coming back to win in five sets of extremely hard fought and enjoyable tennis.

Sadly in the ladies match that followed Li Na went out in three sets - even though she served for the match twice. I'm beginning to think me liking players jinxes them *g*

Due to the rain which interrupted play on all bar Centre Court - they'd again started with the roof closed due to the threat of rain - the schedule is somewhat behind, so neither British lady played yesterday.

Today brings us Rafa and Murray who are again scheduled to be third on court (Murray on Centre, Rafa on Court One, so I predict Federer's third round match tomorrow will be on Court One, as both Murray and Djokovic have done their 'bit' on Court One and Rafa does his today). I do hope I get to see some of Rafa's match, as he's on after two ladies matches and Murray on after a men's and then a ladies, I'm hopeful - especially as both British ladies first on their courts.

This should have been Rafa's first real test, but the man he 'should' have met, had all gone according to seedings retired in his second round match, so I think all should be well and he should beat Gilles Muller (crosses fingers).

Although, having said that, Muller did put Rafa out of Wimbledon in 2005. Okay that was a long time ago and Rafa is a much better player. However, Muller could be a tougher test than I first thought, especially as he does have a big serve - and one thing Rafa has said is a big serve on grass in particular can be troublesome.

Murray's opponent Ivan Ljubicic is a good player and could, maybe, cause Murray the odd problem. But all in all I expect Rafa and Murray to come through safely.

Andy Roddick's match against Feliciano Lopez could be a very tight, epic match as Lopez is a very good player overall and plays very well on grass and could cause an upset and put Roddick out - this could easily be a five setter.

On the ladies side the two British ladies play and as I said yesterday (when they were due to play) I think both will go out.

Caroline Wozniacki is also due to play, I would expect her to win (but then I thought Li Na would win, so what do I know *g*).

And it's a day of the screamers with three of the 'worst' due to play to day - maybe a day for watching without sound.
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