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Download Zine Sale

Duly passing this on:

Please feel free to forward to zine reading fen who may enjoy electronic format books and zines:

Hello Fellow Fen and Readers,

A fellow fan has fallen on difficult times, like so many of us, and Bast and Sekhmet are going to try and help, while giving back to fans as well.
A first generation Kindle eBook reader has been donated to help a fan, but instead of a raffle, we're having a BIG download sale!! Purchase a download book/books using the buttons located at:

(No limit on the amount of downloads you can buy!)

And we'll put your name in the hat for the Kindle e-book reader. All titles except Military/Intelligence (SGA) and Changes (TS) from are available to choose from. After you check out with PayPal, email Bast with the title(s) you choose.

This Kindle is fully functioning, is wireless, and was originally $400 when it first came out. While new ones go for about $130 to $180, this one is still a great first eBook reader. It'll hold hundreds of books (and fanfic!), lasts a long time on one battery charge, is about 7.5"x5.25" in size.

If you do not want to be included in the drawing for the Kindle, or just want to donate, just let Bast know.


As we've had some inquiries, we thought we'd make this more clear...

WHY we're doing this:  We're trying to help someone who needs help quickly, AND we'd like to give something back to all the fen who've helped us over the years.

Normally the download books cost $8. This is a 40% off sale!!

1. You MUST go to this website: to get the sale prices. Buy as many as you'd like. There is NO LIMIT on how many downloads you can get at this sale price.

2. You MUST email the list of titles you want to Bast or Sekhmet. ( bastATravenshadowDOTnet or joycehATlionheartdistributionDOTcom )

3. You can buy as many PDF download zines as you like under the sale prices.

4. If you don't want to participate in the door prize drawing, that's fine. You can still buy as many downloads as you want. Just tell us not to include you in the drawing when you send the list of titles you want.

5. WE'VE EXTENDED THE SALE TO WEDNESDAY, June 29th, Midnight East Coast US time.
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