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Wimbledon Days 01 & 02

There were no great surprises yesterday (well apart from Venus Williams's outfit, which I'm still more than a little surprised and bemused by).

Instead it was a good half day of tennis, well apart from on Centre Court where they did manage a full schedule due to the shiny roof. I really do hope we don't get either Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova (or even worse both) playing under the roof as the noise is extremely enhanced.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rafa's match, it was very entertaining and enjoyable. Rafa's opponent, Michael Russell (USA) didn't seem the least big fazed to be playing on Centre Court for the first time ever against the current Wimbledon champion and world #01. If anything it was Rafa who almost seemed a wee bit in awe to begin with. He didn't get a chance to open on Centre Court in 2009, which he would have done being defending champion, as he was injured and he said afterwards what a wonderful moment it was. Thus, it was Russell who got the first break of serve and was 4:2 up in the first set, for a moment I was reminded of last year's opening match with then defending champion Roger Federer being one service game away from going out.

However, Rafa seemed to 'wake up' and even more frightening for any opponent started to find the lines - 'oh, look, there's a line, I can hit that' - and in the end won in straight sets. Even so, Russell did break him again with a phenomenal game that had Rafa smiling his appreciation and Uncle Toni applauding Russell for such a good game. It's rather sad, I think, and an indication of how things are today that the commentators made a comment of how sporting it was that Uncle Toni was applauding Russell, even though he'd just broken Rafa's serve. Surely good play deserves to be applauded, whether or not it's your 'charge' or the opponent? Apparently not.

But it was a jolly good match, with really excellent play by both men. I'm really glad it was a match and Russell wasn't over-awed.

I didn't see much of Murray's four set match - only the final set - as I felt it was too early to make poor J sit through men's tennis and as it wasn't Rafa . . . I told him I was 'saving up my credits' for later which made him laugh. (And no, J doesn't dictate the TV or 'rule' me, he was quite happy for me to watch it, it was my choice not to, as whilst he does enjoy doubles, especially mixed doubles, and did enjoy the final set of the 2008 final and doesn't mind watching the odd it, I don't think it's fair to make him sit through too much).

I also enjoyed the match between Francesca Schiavone and Jelena Dokic, which had to be paused for about forty minutes whilst the roof was closed and the air circulation balanced. It was a very tight match with again great play by both ladies. As I remarked to plutos_revenge, I wonder just how many big titles, including slams, Dokic might have won over the years had she not had the father she had?

Today brings us Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic on Centre Court, following Serena Williams match. Neither man should have any problems with their opening opponents (hopes I haven't jinxed them *hides from plutos_revenge*).

Because of the rain yesterday I may (assuming the Beeb are 'kind') get to see Andy Roddick and/or Jelena Jankovic today, as neither got to even start their match yesterday.

The schedule is very full today, with a considerable number of yesterday's matches scheduled to finish or start today as well as all the 'normal' Tuesday matches - including the match between Inser and Mahut (I honestly don't think that will be a repeat of last year as far as length of time/score goes). Unless the weather and light are very kind, I really can't see them getting through all the matches today.
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