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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #16- An Episode You've Seen More Than Three Times

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

Day 01 – Favourite season
Day 02 – Least favourite season
Day 03 – Favourite episode
Day 04 – Least favourite episode
Day 05 – Favourite male character
Day 06 – Favourite female character
Day 07 – Least favourite character
Day 08 – Favourite villain
Day 09 - Best story arc
Day 10 – Favourite rule
Day 11 – Favourite DiNozzo movie reference
Day 12 – Favourite Ziva-ism
Day 13 – Your OTP (one true pairing)
Day 14 – Favourite quote
Day 15 – Favourite case
Day 16 – An episode you’ve seen more than three times
Day 17 – Best kiss
Day 18 – Saddest moment
Day 19 – Funniest moment
Day 20 – Two characters you wish had met properly
Day 21 – Something you wish you could go back and change
Day 22 – Saddest character death
Day 23 – An episode you wish you could have been in
Day 24 – Favourite friendship
Day 25 – An ‘OMFG did that just happen?’ moment
Day 26 – Most shocking/unexpected season finale
Day 27 – Episode you shed the most tears in
Day 28 – Favourite cast member
Day 29 – First scene that comes to mind
Day 30 – Anything NCIS related

Day 16 - An episode you've seen more than three times

Well with the exception of Seasons Seven and Eight where I've only seen the episodes twice, that would be every other episode. I don't want random episodes, J and I watch the entire season or indeed series - we keep saying we must start again from Season One and go all the way through.

So being the logical person I am, I'm going to with:

'Yankee White'.

I know the JAG crossovers were the pilot for NCIS, but 'Yankee White' was the episode that really kicked the show off. I've seen many pilots/first episodes and I have to say 'Yankee White' is one of the very best I've seen.

The case was good and interesting with some nice twists.

The team interaction was excellent - there was no doubt in my mind that Gibbs, Ducky, Abby and Tony had worked together for several years (some longer than others) as they were all so comfortable with one another and had such superb banter.

I loved the wee bit where Ducky is in fact acting as the boss and tosses Gibbs his jacket, the look on Gibbs's face is priceless, ditto the bit where Gibbs later asks Ducky if he enjoyed playing his boss and Ducky says he did.

I also loved Ducky and Tony taking photographs of one another behind the President's desk whilst Gibbs was using the bathroom - and he knew what they were up to.

Plus, Tony having his mobile phone on whilst in the body bag and getting dumped on the road by the FBI was so good and so funny. Only Tony would do such a thing, anyone else would turn off their phone, but not Tony. It really set up the characters for future episodes and seasons.

It was a good introduction episode for Kate, her character slotted in really well.

The less said about the whole 'Fornell and Gibbs' not knowing one another the better *wry grin*

It really is a great episode, no feeling their way into it, they hit the ground running and set the path for a top-rate show.

*Gets nostalgic for the good old days*
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