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  • Wed, 12:43: Good afternoon, how are you today?
  • Wed, 12:46: Dry, brightish and sunnish here today. Warmer than yesterday - but not hot. A very nice temperature.
  • Wed, 12:47: Should be a good afternoon of tennis today as both Murray and Rafa are playing.
  • Wed, 12:48: My email seems to be down. The net's fine, but no email.
  • Wed, 13:12: Email is now working, that's good.
  • Wed, 13:52: I took "The Pasture Test" and got "You Are Peaceful and Content" via @blogthings
  • Wed, 13:56: And it's raining at Queen's - what a surprise *g* Well, it is Britain and it is grass court tennis season, of course it's raining *g*
  • Wed, 13:58: I took "How Are Your Manners?" and got "You Have Good Manners 87% of the Time" via @blogthings
  • Wed, 16:04: So much for my planned afternoon of watching Murray followed by Rafa, it's raining again - and it looks incredibly heavy & long lasting.
  • Wed, 16:43: Covers are off at Queen's should have play in about 15/20 mins.
  • Wed, 17:05: Attempt three to watch tennis *g*
  • Wed, 18:23: Toddling off now. Take care, all.
  • Thu, 11:43: I took "Should You Procrastinate?" and got "You Should Procrastinate" via @blogthings
  • Thu, 11:45: Good morning, all. How are you today?
  • Thu, 11:46: Dry - but looks like rain - dull and a nice temperature here today.
  • Thu, 11:46: Fingers crossed it doesn't rain at Queen's today, so there's a good afternoon of tennis.
  • Thu, 11:47: I took "How Does Your Interpersonal Intelligence Rate?" and got "Your Interpersonal Intelligence Score: 32%… (cont)
  • Thu, 11:47: Man is here servicing boiler, pup is not helping *g* And have a Tesco deliverer this afternoon, what an exciting life, eh?
  • Thu, 11:59: As I thought it is now raining here.
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