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  • Sun, 12:24: Good afternoon, how are you today?
  • Sun, 12:25: It's dry, dullish and nice a cool here today - very nice weather.
  • Sun, 12:25: I took "What Does Your Taste in Music Say About You?" and got "Your Taste in Music Says You're Philosophical… (cont)
  • Sun, 12:26: LJ is still incredibly slow, this is getting more than a bit irksome. It wouldn't be quite so bad if they'd sa… (cont)
  • Sun, 12:27: I won't be around much after 2:00 today as it's the Men's Final at the French Open. My favourite (Nadal) vs… (cont)
  • Sun, 13:59: *Settles down to watch the match* 'rolandgarros #nadal @rolandgarros I'm cheering for Rafa!
  • Sun, 18:07: Vamos Rafa! Yay!
  • Sun, 18:23: Well, having not been here all afternoon, it's time for me to vanish. Take care, all.
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