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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #01 - Your Favourite Season

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

Day 01 – Favourite season
Day 02 – Least favourite season
Day 03 – Favourite episode
Day 04 – Least favourite episode
Day 05 – Favourite male character
Day 06 – Favourite female character
Day 07 – Least favourite character
Day 08 – Favourite villain
Day 09 - Best story arc
Day 10 – Favourite rule
Day 11 – Favourite DiNozzo movie reference
Day 12 – Favourite Ziva-ism
Day 13 – Your OTP (one true pairing)
Day 14 – Favourite quote
Day 15 – Favourite case
Day 16 – An episode you’ve seen more than 3 times
Day 17 – Best kiss
Day 18 – Saddest moment
Day 19 – Funniest moment
Day 20 – Two characters you wish had met properly
Day 21 – Something you wish you could go back and change
Day 22 – Saddest character death
Day 23 – An episode you wish you could have been in
Day 24 – Favourite friendship
Day 25 – An ‘OMFG did that just happen?’ moment
Day 26 – Most shocking/unexpected season finale
Day 27 – Episode you shed the most tears in
Day 28 – Favourite cast member
Day 29 – First scene that comes to mind
Day 30 – Anything NCIS related

Day #01 – Favourite season

Season Two, definitely.

It was a stellar season, IMO, with no really awful episode. To my mind it was the best season as well, not just my favourite. It was 'old school NCIS' at its best.

The team were very much a team; there were some fantastic story-lines, naval story-lines when they actually remembered what the 'N' stood for - bring back the dead Petty Officers any day. Also, everyone seemed to really care about one another; the kids had great banter without nastiness and the focus was very much on the cases and team interaction rather than getting bogged down by too much personal stuff.

As well as those things, the balance of screen time was good and certain people didn't lose out. It also had my favourite director - Tom Morrow, oh, how I wish he'd come back. And, if all that wasn't enough, it was extremely Gibbs/Ducky heavy.

It also includes three of my top five episodes: 'Lt. Jane Doe', 'The Meat Puzzle' and 'Call Of Silence'.

It's my desert island season, the one that I'd keep if I could only keep one season.
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