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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
From Twitter 15-05-2011

  • 12:24:14: Afternoon, all. How are you today.
  • 12:24:33: Dry and dull here today and fairly chilly *g*
  • 12:29:05: I took "What Color Flower Are You?" and got "You Are a Blue Flower" http://t.co/JEVWa1i via @blogthings
  • 13:01:09: I took "What Flower Are You?" and got "You Are a Carnation" http://t.co/f2s0fGX via @blogthings
  • 13:21:36: I took "Are You An iPad or a Kindle?" and got "You Are a Kindle" http://t.co/WOzHvvi via @blogthings
  • 13:22:24: I took "What Holiday Greeting Are You?" and got "You Are Merry Christmas" http://t.co/uBdN7jV via @blogthings
  • 13:27:21: Well, I've just made a real post on LJ. Not a b'day post or a Twitter post or a meme or a story, but a real po… (cont) http://deck.ly/~uWi3E
  • 13:46:50: *Grins* It might. But this is a pointy stick *Nods* True *Waits*
  • 13:47:50: I love raspberries, be it as the fruit, as sorbet, in a dessert or as now a yoghurt.
  • 13:48:50: And jam, raspberry jam is lovely.
  • 14:02:56: I took "What Chess Piece Are You?" and got "You Are a Pawn" http://t.co/3wlAxRY via @blogthings
  • 15:59:08: I'm heading off now, much earlier than usual. Have been sitting 'oddly' and am hurting more than usual. Take care & enjoy your days/evenings

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