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It's Sunday, another week has gone by and I'm still really waiting for my year to kick-start.

It's been a very odd start to the year, I've been pretty apathetic about things in general and don't really know why. Part of it is 'oh, look, here we go again yet another year', but it's more than that. That I normally just shake off. I've written very little this year thus far, in fact my output has been shocking - a mere twenty-eight stories and 23,659 words - by mid-May? That's surprising, shocking and depressing.

It's not that the ideas haven't been there, they have and I've stared several stories (yes, more WIPs) but I just haven't finished them or in some cases started writing. As you can tell from the word count vs. number of stories pretty much everything I have written has been short - most have been quintuple drabbles. And this is normally the time of year winter into early spring when I am at my most creative, before I slow down in the dreaded summer only to perk up again in the autumn and winter. But not this year.

I've even decided, well by virtue of not deciding *wry grin* not to do ncis_ficathon this year. It could have been a good idea, i.e. actually really kick-starting my writing but it could have stressed me out knowing I had to write a story for someone and I decided not to risk it. It's a shame as I always enjoy doing it, but I think it's wise this year.

The weather hasn't really helped as we have had pretty much constant blue skies and sunshine with very little break in them, which I hate. Thankfully, it hasn't been too warm, but even so for this time of year to have virtually nothing but sun and blue skies is very wearisome - I just hope it is not a sign of a really long, hot summer.

In lieu of actually writing something, I'm considering giving DiNozzo/Ziva their own section on my website rather than just having them under the NCIS General Series section, which covers slash, het and gen for any pairing other than Gibbs/Ducky and Abby/McGee. I realised today I'd written thirty-one DiNozzo/Ziva stories and I don't foresee ceasing to write them - quite the opposite; so it seems to make sense to give them their own section. Thoughts anyone?

I'm even considering breaking the General Series section down into NCIS General Series Slash; NCIS General Series Het and NCIS General Series Gen - but I'm still thinking about that.

And tennis 'season' has started again - well tennis doesn't stop apart from late November - early January, but I mean the tennis that actually gets shown on TV here: The French Open, Queens and Wimbledon, so that's something to look forward to - hopefully at least. Other than that I just follow the scores on-line.

There's nothing else really to say - other than this is also an attempt to get back to posting regularly on LJ rather than just birthday greetings, my Twitter posts and stories.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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