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From Twitter 14-05-2011

  • 11:54:41: Good afternoon, all. How are you?
  • 11:55:02: Dry, cool, dull but the glare behind the clouds is intense.
  • 11:58:11: I took "Which of the Big Five Personality Traits Are You?" and got "You Are Conscientiousness" via @blogthings
  • 12:03:09: I took "The Book Test" and got "You are a Dreamer" via @blogthings
  • 12:11:36: I took "Are You Running on Adrenaline?" and got "You Are Running on 30% Adrenaline" via @blogthings
  • 13:59:09: I took "What's Your Favorite Color?" and got "Your Favorite Color is Blue" via @blogthings - Which it is *g*
  • 15:10:37: Wow, I've just seen a tweet & a #tag that's totally surprised me. How come this person is allowed to basically give away major plots points?
  • 17:09:22: Heading off now. Take care, all.

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