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Things conspiring against me

The wind is certainly fierce and loud and seems to be finding its way in through even the smallest crack. The sitting room door, whose latch is less than 'firm' keeps opening, so it now has a chair propped against it. I keep hoping that nothing terrible happens to the power or the water or anything essential like that.

On another note, I think that everything email wise is conspiring against me. Not only am I having to cope with this oh-so-slow dial-up, but my email seems to be going astray [sigh]. I've taken to tagging my personal messages with 'read receipts', which I hate to do, but at the moment it seems to be the only way to get any idea of whether my messages are getting to the intended recipients. Mind you, I only started to do that after I discovered that mail was getting lost, so there's quite a few messages I don't know about. I'm also keeping my outgoing mail in the 'sent' folder rather than filing it appropriately and 'ticking it off' when I hear back from people. It's making me very paranoid!

So, I'm going to use this to ask folk to let me know if they didn't hear from me! Sorry about this, I'm not hassling you, really, but as I said I'm getting paranoid! If you didn't get any of the below, please let me know.

maubast I sent you four messages today - I've received your 'read receipt' on one of them.

caffyolay I sent you two messages yesterday and one today. I got a 'receipt' for one of them.

solo I sent you two messages yesterday and one today.

ekwins2004 I sent you a message yesterday.

nina_ds I sent you a message yesterday.

londonronnie I sent you a message yesterday.

And I sent several to folk who don't have a LJ.

Now I'm off to do something I've never done before: use an electric cooker! (Or try to!!!)

Oh, boy, it takes forever I'm used to gas which is just about instanteanous heat.
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