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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
From Twitter 03-05-2011

  • 13:12:27: Just popping in briefly to say hello, before popping off as am still having to play with table/chair and so can't use laptop properly.
  • 13:13:04: Dry, bright, sunny and blue skies again. I'm really getting so depressed by this relentlessness. Please bring me some clouds and rain.

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periwinkle27 From: periwinkle27 Date: 4th May 2011 23:15 (UTC) (Link)
It has been 46 degrees, icy and rainy here. I haven't even planted my garden. Somehow this seems backwards - aren't you supposed to be rainier than here?
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 5th May 2011 12:46 (UTC) (Link)
We are indeed meant to be rainier.

And all over the UK fires are starting because it's so dry.
periwinkle27 From: periwinkle27 Date: 5th May 2011 16:24 (UTC) (Link)
Meanwhile my furnace is still running.

In May.

On the Great Lakes.

What is wrong with this picture?
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 6th May 2011 12:51 (UTC) (Link)
There are strange things happening.
periwinkle27 From: periwinkle27 Date: 6th May 2011 15:59 (UTC) (Link)
Shall we send Napoleon and Illya to investigate?
nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: 6th May 2011 16:08 (UTC) (Link)
That might be a good idea *g*
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