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The Royal Wedding

Yes, I watched it.

I thought I'd just have the TV on and still be on my laptop and just stop now and then to watch bits. However, I sat down at about 10:30 and watched it all the way through and really enjoyed it. In fact I still have the BBC on in the background.

It seemed so informal yet also so full of tradition. It was lovely to see how relaxed William and Catherine were and how genuinely happy and in love they seemed; in fact all those involved seemed very relaxed and as if they were having a very good and happy time. So many smiles, such lovely interaction between member of the families. Just so lovely. Catherine's dress was stunning, so simple, elegant, understated with a touch of history too - which really summed up the entire wedding.

The balcony scene was lovely too. I love Catherine's 'oh, wow', as she saw the crowds and the fly-over and kisses. It was a really happy, loving occasion.

I really hope they'll be very happy together - they are truly marrying for love and marrying the person why want to marry.

I'm glad I took the time to watch it, I really am.

ETA I loved the way they departed for Clarence House. William driving his father's car all duly decorated and the lovely gesture his air rescue colleagues - which from the look on his face was a complete surprise to him. Obviously, someone was in on it (maybe Harry or his uncle Andrew) to get the timing right. Again, more of he 'old' and the 'new'.
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