Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 28-04-2011

  • 11:32:04: Hello from still sunny Scotland. This constant sunshine is really getting me down :-( It's to early to be like this *sighs*
  • 11:32:24: However, on a happier front. This is such good news. I'm so pleased *g*
  • 11:33:43: Although not such good news about the deaths in America :-( Nature really is so destructive.
  • 11:34:35: I do hope things settle down soon with no more loss of life. *Good vibes*
  • 11:38:00: Bother, Tweetdeck has just decided to crash, before I had a chance to go through the tweets :-(
  • 11:45:53: I took "What Color Is Your Personality?" and got "You Are Green" via @blogthings
  • 17:04:36: Heading off for the day. Take care all and stay safe.

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