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Master Chef - and then there was one

Yes, I know, I know, we watched it.

We hadn't planned to. We'd just finished watching Tuesday's show and I was about to turn the TV off when I noticed last night's wasn't recording. So quick change of plan; we watched it.

I thought it was a jolly good three days. And unlike any other time there was simply no way of saying 'oh, it'll be him/her' or indeed 'oh, it won't be him/her' - they were all so close, all of the time. There was nothing between them, simply nothing. One thing was certain though, there was no way Jackie would have coped in any of the places on Monday or Tuesday, so it was definitely the right thing for her to go out.

J and I did wonder if the 'problems' at John's place were somewhat manufactured to see how they coped with adversity - it did seem rather odd that so many things went wrong. Poor John, he was so on edge, just like Michel when the professional chefs are cooking for his family. It was lovely to see and Greg and John are so good together. I loved what John had to say about cooking for Greg.

We also rather liked what Tim had to say before the final cook off 'can't we all win' and we were actually wondering if they would break with tradition and split it - but in reality, that wasn't going to happen, even though in truth all three were equal.

We think in the end the only thing that pulled Tim out as the winner was his inventiveness, because there were no mistakes in the final dishes, not from any of them.

I would have thought if Tom and Sara want to, they could find a job in a professional kitchen, without any problem at all.

As for Tim, I can see him being picked up either by a restaurant like the one we saw in America where the chef there was as eccentric and inventive as Tim or that someone will come along to join him in partnership in a restaurant whereby Tim cooks and the other person runs the place. I cannot see Tim working, at least not for long, in a conventional kitchen, he's too inventive.

We thoroughly enjoyed the series and the weeks seemed to really whiz by. It'll be interesting to see what format they go with for the amateur and professional Master Chef programmes.
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