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From Twitter 27-04-2011

  • 11:35:51: Good afternoon, all. How are you today?
  • 11:36:13: Dry, bright, sunny and fairly cool today - cool enough to have the heating on for an hour or so.
  • 11:36:28: I took "The It's Its There Their They're Quiz" and got "You Scored an A" via @blogthings
  • 11:36:43: I took "How's Your Vocabulary?" and got "Your Vocabulary Score: A+" via @blogthings
  • 14:57:03: Hmmm, M the man who did our wall/garage has just arrived. J's not hear so I'd better go & see him. I have to talk to someone *meep*
  • 16:26:29: I think I'm going to wander off now. For a day that started cold enough for heating, it's now really warm & la… (cont)

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