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Christmas Meme - and showing off some gift icons

In order to avoid just making a GIP post :-) I did a daft Christmas meme.

You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree

For a good Christmas, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year.

The icon accompanying this post was made for me by st_crispins - isn't it lovely?

And these three were made for me by another talented lady - crimson_37. And given that she's not even into this pairing, I thought it was especially kind of her.

Smile Standing Blue

Oh, and if that isn't enough, queenbamfie made me a Pros banner a little while ago.


I've certainly done extremely well recently. Thank you all three!!!

My apologies to crimson_37 and queenbamfie for not acknowledging their lovely gifts on my own journal before now.
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