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We're here

Well, we're here.

The journey on Friday took us seven hours and was pretty exhausting and painful, although not, I'm pleased to say, quite as bad as I was anticipating/fearing. The additional painkillers certainly helped!

The rain and wind were a battle during the journey, and we arrived to discover that the road on the opposite of the village in which we're staying bad been closed due to flooding. In fact we had a lot of water at the bottom of our driveway and at least one car got stuck. The wind was extreme last night and first thing this morning and I wondered just what I'd wake up to, but all is well. The sun has been shining and making the area look very pleasant indeed, although it has now gone in and the grey clouds are back.

The cottage itself is very nice. The beds/sofa/chairs are comfortable, which is the main thing and the disabled adapted shower is wonderful. It is so great to be able to enjoy a shower again and to be able to do so independently. We'll be happy here until we find our own new home.

What isn't so great is having to use dial-up - in fact it's a real pain - I'd forgotten how slow it is. Still it's a small price to pay for actually finally being here and everything else is good so here's hoping to a successful house hunt and to getting broadband again soon!
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