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From Twitter 09-03-2011

  • 12:50:17: Good afternoon, all. How are you today? Well, I hope.
  • 12:50:48: Dry, bight, sunny & cold here today, there's a bitter, cutting wind & we had flurries of snow overnight. It's all gone now.
  • 12:52:46: I took "What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?" and got "Disliking Gym Says You Are Thoughtful"
  • 12:52:59: I took "The Sunset Test" and got "You Crave a Thoughtful Life" via @blogthings
  • 14:16:25: We've just had a few more snow flurries, but they've gone now.
  • 14:16:59: How can it take over a fortnight to get a small package from the UK to Holland? It's crazy. Stuff gets to the US faster *sighs*
  • 16:38:39: Just posted a G/D story It's an episode tag to 'One Last Score'
  • 18:07:08: Toddling off for the day. Take care, all.

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