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From Twitter 08-03-2011

  • 11:26:14: Good morning, all. How are you today?
  • 11:26:36: Grey, dull, dry and not overly warm here today.
  • 11:26:56: I'll be here spasmodically today as we're having afternoon tea with my parents.
  • 11:27:18: Happy Birthday, Kit. I hope you have a lovely day. *Hugs* @silvertales
  • 11:28:36: I managed to smash my hand on the grill today when toasting bread. Clearly hit the nerves as my whole body is twitching and jangling.
  • 11:39:34: I took "What Herb Are You?" and got "You Are Rosemary" via @blogthings
  • 11:41:56: I took "Are You Warm or Cool?" and got "You Are a Cool Person" via @blogthings
  • 11:53:37: #nciswishlist More Ducky.
  • 11:53:49: #nciswishlist A Ducky-centric episode.
  • 11:53:57: #nciswishlist More exploration of the Gibbs & Ducky friendship including out of office interaction.
  • 11:54:08: #nciswishlist More Fornell.
  • 11:54:18: #nciswishlist More focus on real navy cases and less on personal issues
  • 11:54:25: #nciswishlist @BrianDietzen to become a proper star and appear in the opening credits as the other main characters do.
  • 11:55:18: #nciswishlist A team-centric season finale.
  • 12:12:10: We've just heard that a long-standing friend of ours died in the early hours of the morning. Good thoughts appreciated for his wife.
  • 13:39:01: Okay, I'm vanishing for a while will be back later in the afternoon. Take care until then.
  • 17:05:07: Hello, all, I'm back. Nice tea, but very tiring & increased pain inducing :-(
  • 17:56:47: Heading off now. Take care, all.

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