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It turned up!!

We've exchanged contracts!!!

Typical, after being here all day yesterday, we popped out to the Doctors to stock up on tablets (we didn't need the added hassle of trying to find a new GP in the first week), and when we got back there was three messages on the answer phone from our Conveyancer's Secretary. The 'lost' money had turned up late last night and she was waiting for our final confirmation as to whether she should exchange.

So Scotland here we come.

By the end of next week we shall be settled into our rented cottage and shall be able to start house hunting properly - the conveyancing laws differ so much between England and Scotland that it was impossible for us to do anything formally in Scotland until we had actually exchanged.

Quite how much I'll be around during the next few days/weeks I'm not sure, but I hope to be on-line sometime most days.
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