Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 12:37:52: Good afternoon, all. How are you today>
  • 12:38:13: Dry, bright, sunny and far too warm for 1st March :-( *Wills some cooler weather to return*
  • 12:38:29: Happy St. David's Day to any Welsh friends here.
  • 13:06:32: Hmmm, I'm honestly not sure what the genre of this drabble is and I wrote it!
  • 13:22:16: Two DiNozzo-centric quadruple drabbles
  • 13:27:31: Have to go and hang a load of washing up, oh, the excitement of my life - back soon.
  • 13:47:34: Okay I give in computer. I'll reboot you!
  • 15:45:09: Finally, it's turned chilly enough to put a jumper on over my polo-neck *Yay* Is happy.
  • 15:45:21: Goes back to writing.
  • 18:22:52: Heading off now. Take care all. See you tomorrow.

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