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Favourite story meme

Snaggled from sinfulslasher.

Which of your own stories do you like best and why? It must be complete, and posted. (For non-writers, which story have you read that is your hands down favourite and why?) Any fandom, any genre, but let's do stick to fic. Please include a link to the story in question.

I saw this on Gabys' journal a few days ago and have been pondering it ever since. I haven't been pondering because I needed to think about what, in my opinion, my best story is, there's no contest. However, given I've written over 1,200 stories in all across a fairly wide variety of fandoms and genres, I was pondering whether to go for more than one story. I did vaguely consider doing one from all of my main fandoms, but decided not to as my best Pros and MFU stories are in zines. So instead, given I write in all three genres, I decided to go for a best slash, best het and best gen story.

To Those Who Wait (Gibbs/Ducky - NCIS).
This is the story I regard to be my best ever story. It's the longest story I've ever written at just over 125,600 words long and it was written for NaNoWriMo in November 2008. It's a first time AU story set in 1992 with an epilogue set in 2006 and it also features Fornell as well as Shannon/Jenny and Kelly.

Why do I think it's my best? Despite it being AU (Gibbs is a lawyer, Ducky a school-master) the characters are very much in character. It has a mixture of angst, romance, friendship, love and even a couple of R rated sex scenes. It's a feel good story, I can get caught up in the world I created and it makes me very happy. I think it's well written, I think it's entertaining and gripping, and well balanced between angst and romance/happiness. And it's not just me that likes it, in the NCIS LJ Awards 2009 this story was the winner in the Gibbs/Ducky AU category. And it has also been published as a zine, available from Requiem Press.

Weathering The Storm (DiNozzo/Ziva - NCIS).
Despite DiNzzo/Ziva not being my main het ship, I do consider this to be my best het story. It is my longest, but that's not the only reason I've chosen it. It's a first time story and was written specifically to prompts as part of last year's ncis_ficathon.

It's a story I worried about as I'd never written a longer DiNozzo/Ziva before and I was writing for someone I didn't know, but I ended up being very happy with it. It shows the dynamics between the couple very well, it also shows a different take on the dynamic, but still keeps them very much in character. It's fairlty angsty and there are both external and internal factors with which the couple have to deal. It's a good story, long enough (c.6,800 words) to get caught up and involved in and shows the move from friendship to lovers and includes a mix of emotions.

The List Maker (McGee - NCIS).
McGee has been captured and the story revolves around what he has to do to survive until he is rescued. Never once does he lose faith that Gibbs will rescue him. It's not a terribly long being just over 1,600 words, but a lot is packed into it. It's very angsty indeed.

I'm really chuffed with it on many levels; the intensity, the fact that I managed to put so much into such a relatively small amount of words. It's a snap-shot in time really, and I think I show McGee fully in character, in a way we know exists from a few canon examples, but haven't had much chance to see. It's probably one of the most powerful stories I've written. And even though I know what happens, even though I wrote it, it can make me sniff just reading it.

There we go, three genres, three stories, the ones I believe to be my best. Do you agree? Disagree? Also I'd love to see what other writers on my flist think are your best stories - and readers too of course. Go forth and do some self-promotion *g*
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