Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 26-02-2011

  • 12:12:35: Good afternoon, all. How are you today?
  • 12:12:49: Dry, bright, sunny and not too warm today.
  • 12:19:27: I've just realised Tweetdeck brought in all the Tweets in all columns today - dare I hope this will continue?
  • 13:56:28: A DiNozzo/Ziva pre-het angsty quintuple drabble
  • 14:23:36: Is Twitter up for me?
  • 14:23:41: Apparently so.
  • 14:28:40: Okay, that's a tad spooky. I got the bing-bong sound of an email arriving, but no email anywhere. Hmmm.
  • 14:42:11: RT @Support: Some users may have difficulties loading We are investigating. For those having problems.
  • 18:20:43: Heading off for the day. Take care all. Enjoy your days/evenings.

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