Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

From Twitter 25-02-2011

  • 15:57:35: Damn, one of the updates to Tweetdeck is that you can no longer make posts of over 140 characters. Really helpful, I don't think!
  • 15:59:22: This so-called update seems to be a backward one *sighs*
  • 16:04:53: Okay, I see what's happened to the longer message thing.
  • 16:17:26: Got 162/162 playing NCIS Episodes Seasons 1-7. Try to match me:
  • 16:44:33: Don't you just hate it when your muse decides to change tense on you part of the way through a story? *Eye muse*
  • 18:19:45: Well, folk, it's time for me to toddle off for the evening. It's been fun, again, take care all. Enjoy your days/evenings.

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