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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
From Twitter 16-02-2011

  • 12:19:13: Good afternoon, all. How are you today?
  • 12:19:51: And it's still raining, yes, still. Dull and grey and very, very, very wet. Water is just sitting on the ground, as can't drain away.
  • 12:21:18: I thought this week's NCIS episode was a good solid one.
  • 12:22:32: And I swear Tweetdeck has got worse since the latest update, not better as I hope *sighs*
  • 12:22:55: Yesterday it took me four reboots to finally get Tweets in my columns :-(
  • 18:20:37: Heading off for the day. Take care.

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